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The disposal of waste to landfill remains an important part of the UK’s waste management strategy. Specialist site management services including complete landfill site management service, landfill gas utilisation and management, site restoration and associated landfill site services.

Enovert is committed to a comprehensive process of landfill restoration when each of our sites reaches the end of its operational period. Upon completion of a waste deposit, the site is capped and restored to create natural habitats and open spaces such as woodlands or parks, which will foster biodiversity and provide a valuable public and ecological amenity.

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We have facilities for non-hazardous landfill, transfer bulking and recycling of wastes, composting, soils treatment, hazardous waste disposal, secure and deep burial services.

Waste disposal contracting for Local Authorities, tier 1 and tier 2 contractors, large scale and bulk one off disposal works and specialist waste disposal contracts

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Renewable Energy Key Facts
Deposited Waste
2.3M Tonnes

To landfill each year

Renewable Energy
250 GWh per annum

Renewable Generation

75000 Homes

With Renewable Energy

All data stated above is approximate.