Waste Management Services

The disposal of waste to landfill remains an important element of the UK’s waste management strategy. Enovert is one of the UK’s leading landfill site operators, providing safe and efficient disposal for non-hazardous waste at 7 sites throughout England and Wales. In addition to our non-hazardous landfill site and composting facilities Enovert also provide the following:

Disposal of Stable Non-reactive Hazardous Waste Disposal

At our Himley site in the West Midlands, Enovert operates a separate cell for the receipt of Stable Non-Reactive Hazardous (SNRH) wastes.

Transfer Station Operations

Enovert operates 3 waste transfer stations through which it provides waste reception, bulking and haulage services. These facilities are permitted to handle a range of waste types, including residual, green and food waste. Typically, Enovert transfers waste to its own disposal sites or third-party treatment facilities nominated by a local authority customer.

River Thames – river-borne soil operations

Enovert manages its own jetty operations at the Mucking landfill site which enables it to receive soils by barge for use in restoration activities.

Over recent years the site has received significant soil inputs from some of the major tunnelling and infrastructure projects in London.

Outsourced Landfill Management Services for both active and closed landfill sites

Enovert has a dedicated and experienced in-house team of landfill management professionals including operations managers, environmental technicians and landfill gas engineers and technicians. As well as managing its own portfolio of sites, Enovert provides outsourced landfill management services including:

  • Ongoing monitoring and management of leachate, landfill gas and surface waters
  • Landfill gas utilisation, gas field design, installation and management
  • Equipment maintenance including routine gas flare checks and maintenance, leachate pumping systems and gas field balancing
  • Routine landfill gas and leachate data monitoring and analysis
  • Reporting and inspections – data reporting and interpretation of monitoring results
  • Whole site management solutions

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