Hazardous Soil Treatment

Soil contamination is caused by the presence of chemicals in the natural soil environment, typically as a result of historical industrial activity, agricultural chemicals, or improper disposal of waste.

Enovert provides hazardous soil treatment services at a number of its sites, and can accept a very broad range of contaminated non-hazardous and hazardous soils from construction and industrial sources such as house building, demolition and general land clearance.

The treatment uses a process called bioremediation to clean the contaminated soil and remove hazardous materials. Bioremediation uses microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, which consume the contaminants in the soil as a food source, resulting in the degradation of the contaminant and returning the soil to its natural composition.

Hazardous soil treatment can fully recover contaminated soils, promoting the clean-up of contaminated land. Once treated, the soil can be landfilled safely or set aside for use during landfill site restoration.

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