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  • Who can apply for a grant?

    You can apply for a grant if your organisation is a not for profit group. Your group must not be directly or indirectly controlled by a landfill operator registered for landfill tax. Guidance on this issue is available from ENTRUST. In order to qualify for a Trust grant, a project needs to meet specific criteria relating to location and objects under the Landfill Communities Fund. Further information can be found on this website.

    Local authorities can apply to the Trust for funding, however they cannot register as EBs, therefore all projects relating to local authorities must be registered under Ibstock Enovert Trust. 

  • How long does the process take?

    There is no set timescale for an application to be processed but it could take up to two months from your offer letter to the project being registered with ENTRUST (if your organisation is not an EB) and the Funding Agreement being issued. This website features both a timetable for submission of applications and dates of our Board meetings, during which decisions are made. The Trust meets a minimum of three times a year to allocate funding to projects that are presented. The outcome of the meeting is notified to applicants within one week.

    The process is generally one-stage, in that a decision is taken at the meeting whether or not to grant funding to each individual project. There are no second rounds, although a project can be deferred if further information is sought before a decision can be taken. In order to minimise the risk of such requests being made, we advise you ensure that you use the information on this website and ENTRUST's to check all aspects of your project are compliant before you submit an application.

  • What grant amount can we apply for?

    Ibstock Enovert Trust does not have a maximum grant award, but a figure of £15,000 is given as a guide.

  • What level of match funding do we need to provide?

    Ibstock Enovert Trust prefers to be the main funder of a project, or one of very few. If your project requires higher levels of funding you must have secured at least 60% of the total funding required before making a submission to the Trust. 

    The largest grant award given by the Trust is in the region of £20,000. Fundraising by applicants is looked upon favourably by the Trustees.. 

  • Can we re-apply if our first application is turned down?

    You will be advised by the Trust Secretary as to whether it is likely to be worth your while submitting a subsequent application.

  • Can we apply if our organisation has previously received a grant from Ibstock Enovert Trust?

    Yes you can, however the Trust is generally oversubscribed at each meeting and this may be taken into account if your project is comparable to a similar project which has not yet received funding.

  • When will we receive the money?

    Once the project has been registered with ENTRUST, and the Funding Agreement has been signed by your organisation and Ibstock Enovert Trust, work on your project can commence. Payments are generally only made on evidence of expenditure as the project progresses or at project completion, depending on the scope and nature of the project. We do not give the money in a lump sum before work starts - the grant is only released following the submission of invoices, although in some circumstances we may be able to award funds in advance of the project commencing on presentation of a pro forma invoice, to assist with cashflow.

  • Do we need to find a third party contributor for projects?

    No, Ibstock Enovert Trust does not require a 3rd party contribution, as this amount is covered by the two contributing companies, Ibstock Brick Limited and Enovert Management Limited.

  • What if our project encounters difficulties?

    You will need to inform us as soon as possible if you experience difficulties with your project. We may be able to help you and will need to know what is happening and why. It is our priority to see a completed project and we will do everything we can to ensure it succeeds.

  • Do we need planning permission before we apply for funding?

    Yes. All permissions need to have been sought and obtained prior to an application being submitted. This is so that the Trustees can be assured that the project they are considering can be undertaken.

  • Do we need to be registered as an Environmental Body?

    If you are not already an Environmental Body and your funding application is successful we will register your project with ENTRUST.

  • How do we find out if the project is within 10 miles of an Ibstock/Enovert landfill site? 

    Check the areas of operation page on this website to see if your project’s postcode is within 10 miles of the landfill sites operated by Enovert Management Limited in Shortwood (Bristol), Greatness (Sevenoaks) and Himley (nr Dudley).

  • Are roadways and improvements to roadways permitted?

    No, these are not seen as public amenities under the Landfill Tax Regulations and therefore such projects would not be eligible for funding.

  • Do you fund school, pre-school and nursery projects?

    Projects on school sites are subject to ‘proportional registration’, whereby the Trust can only fund a proportion of any project, which is equivalent to the amount of general public access to the site. E.g. if a school hall is used by the community for 20% of the time available, Ibstock Enovert Trust could fund up to 20% of any project costs relating to improvements to the hall.