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Enovert was formed in January 2017. Prior to this the business formed the highly successful landfill and gas division of the Cory Environmental group. The sale of the ‘Enovert’ business by Cory in 2017 enabled Cory to concentrate on its core energy from waste operations in London; and provided the opportunity for Enovert to focus on landfill management, landfill gas and landfill restoration activities.

Enovert has the same management team in place now as when part of the Cory group. Our company continues to operate with the same stringent processes and controls, and to the same exacting operational standards of safety, environmental compliance and customer service.

Founded in 1896 as William Cory and Son Ltd, the company started as a coal and refuse operation on the River Thames, before moving into waste transport and disposal, becoming Cory Environmental in 1990. Cory Environmental has been a major player in the UK's waste management industry for many years.

Today Enovert continues to build on Cory Environmental's legacy, providing safe and efficient disposal of waste by landfill and fulfilling the commitment to restore landfill sites to a natural environment at the end of their working life. In addition, by extracting landfill gas from our sites we are providing a form of renewable energy that contributes to reducing the UK's reliance on fossil fuels.

With the continuity of our team, our values and our ethos, our clients can rest assured that Enovert will provide the same high standards and excellent customer service that they enjoyed from the landfill and gas division of Cory Environmental. Our new owners are committed to the long-term projects of landfill management and site restoration, ensuring that we will fulfil our commitments now and into the future.