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Ibstock Enovert Trust provides grants to support community and environmental projects in a number of locations across the UK. The Trust provides funding to a broad range of projects that bring environmental benefits and have as big a positive impact as possible on the community.

The Trust distributes funds which are derived from a tax placed on the landfilling of waste and has distributed more than £7.3 million in grants to community and environmental projects to date. 

Ibstock Enovert Trust was founded in 2001 as an Environmental Body (EB) under the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The Trust was previously called Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust (ICET). Following the sale of Cory Environmental's landfill and gas division, a new landfill operator, Enovert Management Limited, came into being in 2017. ICET was renamed the Ibstock Enovert Trust to reflect the fact that the Trust now receives landfill tax credits from Enovert Management Limited.

Our Objectives

 Ibstock Enovert Trust operates to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Funding of high-quality projects which bring maximum impact to as broad a section of the community as possible. 
  • Funding of projects in communities that are located within ten miles of a landfill facility operated by Enovert Management Limited that has a link with Ibstock Brick Limited. These communities suffer a disadvantage by reason of the existence of the landfill site, compared to the national average and the Trust seeks to prioritise projects that improve community amenities in such areas.
  • Funding of projects that help deliver biodiversity conservation for UK species, but which also engage with the local community where possible.
  • Funding of projects that will deliver enhanced recreational facilities which are accessible for the whole community.

The Trustees seek to support projects that have as big an impact on the community as possible. Projects must be able to demonstrate strong community use.

The focus of the Trust's activity to date has been in the vicinity of Enovert's landfill sites in Dudley, South Gloucestershire, and Sevenoaks.