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Enovert is one of the UK's foremost landfill site operators. 

Enovert provide safe and efficient disposal and treatment for a range of waste, including: residual municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, hazardous and non-hazardous soils, and green waste. 

Our primary operations include managing the safe and efficient disposal of waste via landfill. Despite recent advances in the volume of waste that is reused, recycled or recovered, there remains a proportion of waste material that requires disposal in modern landfill sites.

Enovert's landfill sites are closely monitored and managed to mitigate the potential for any environmental damage as a result of our operations. Our modern landfill sites are regulated by the Environment Agency and are highly engineered structures, designed to contain and manage the landfilled waste, as well as to protect surface and groundwater and contain leachate (water that has percolated through the waste and leached out some of the constituent material). 

Enovert's landfill sites are also used to generate renewable energy from landfill gas, which has a high methane content. This approach reduces the emission of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – directly into the atmosphere and contributes to the UK's target to increase the use of renewables in electricity generation.