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Enovert’s Landfill sites are located in former quarries or derelict industrial sites.

Modern landfills are highly engineered facilities designed to ensure all waste, and any products of the degradation of the waste, are fully contained. Upon completion of a waste deposit, a high quality engineered capping layer is used to seal the surface of the landfill. This is followed by soil placement and planting of grassland, trees and shrubs to restore the landfill site to a natural state.

Enovert understands that landfill sites have a limited operational period and that the sites then need to be restored to provide an environment in keeping with the natural surrounding appearance and, where possible, an amenity for use by local communities. Typically, Enovert’s landfill sites are restored to create natural habitats and open spaces such as woodlands or parks, which will foster biodiversity and provide a valuable public and ecological amenity. 

We are committed to the long-term restoration, environmental monitoring and aftercare management of our landfill sites for decades to come.

The restored landfill site at Lyme and Wood Pits
The restored landfill site at Lyme and Wood