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Effective modern landfill management is far more than simply burying waste in the ground. 

Enovert's landfill sites are operated to the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance, providing safe and secure disposal of many types of waste. 

The operation of each site is conducted in accordance with the facility’s Environmental Permit and planning consent. Enovert’s associated operations at our landfill sites include the extraction of landfill gas to generate electricity and processes to treat and manage landfill leachate. 

In the past the UK has relied heavily on the use of landfill for waste disposal. However, with the current pressures on government and local authorities to divert waste from landfill and improve the recovery and recycling of resources, the use of landfill is in decline. That said, landfill remains an important component of the UK's waste management strategy to dispose of materials that cannot be effectively reused, recycled or recovered. 

Enovert manages a total of 14 landfill sites at various locations across the South East, South West, Midlands, Wales and the North West. While several of our landfill sites will reach operational capacity over the coming years, all sites will continue to generate gas from the breakdown of waste long after they have been closed. This gas will continue to be used to generate clean, renewable energy over the coming decades.