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What we do

Enovert is one of the UK's foremost landfill site operators, providing safe and efficient disposal for a range of waste including:

  • Disposal of Non-hazardous waste from commercial, industrial and domestic sources and contaminated land
  • Disposal and Reuse of Inert waste, including soils for reuse in the restoration of  landfill sites
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Green waste composting
  • Soils for treatment (bioremediation)
  • Transfer, bulking and recycling of wastes
  • Anaerobic Digestion

Our primary operations include managing the safe and efficient disposal of waste via landfill and restoring landfill sites at the end of their operational period.

Enovert also produces renewable energy from landfill gas formed within the landfill sites as organic waste materials decompose. This methane rich gas is used to generate electricity which is then fed into the National Grid, thereby supplying green energy from waste. Our operations contribute to the UK's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our People

Enovert employs approximately 140 staff.

The business is run by a highly experienced management team with significant combined company service, and is led by Mark Silvester, Chief Executive Officer

Mark joined the company in 2005 first as a Site Manager and later as an Area Manager in various of our regions over a ten year period.  

The landfill business is structured into three operating regions headed by an Area Operations Manager. 

    • Mark Harling – Area Manager, South East
    • Graeme Buckman – Area Manager, South & West
    • Ian Craven – Area Manager, North West 

Energy generation from landfill gas is a key aspect of the business accounting for approximately 30% of total earnings. Our in-house landfill gas team works closely with landfill operations to maximise gas extraction and the generation of renewable energy. Our in-house landfill gas team is led by Graham Ball, Head of Landfill Gas.

Landfill and landfill gas operations are supported by our central support functions: 

    • A dedicated central customer enquiry and waste compliance team ensures diligent and thorough waste assessment, consistency of approach across all sites and robust waste compliance auditing. 

Our accounts team is headed by Saranne Hooton, Chief Finance Officer. Steve Rogers, Senior Development Manager leads our business development function.  Our Waste Solutions Team who assess all customer enquiries and provide disposal pricing is headed by Kim Bloor, Senior Sales Manager.

We have a dedicated in-house team of experienced land-use planners with a demonstrable track record in securing consents for a wide range of waste management facilities. The team has a proven ability to engage effectively with local community representatives throughout the planning approval process and subsequent operations.

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